Paper Towel Holders

Christmas Towel Holders

Santa Towel Holder

Mrs. Claus Towel Holder

Snowman Towel Holder

Gingerbread Man Towel Holder

Christmas Tree Towel Holder

Grinch Santa Towel Holder

Grinch in Snow Towel Holder

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Halloween Towel Holders

Vampire Towel Holder
with Glow in the Dark Fangs

Witch Towel Holder
with Glow in the Dark Spider

Pumpkin and Bats
Towel Holder

Towel Holder

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Thanksgiving Towel Holders


with towels

Cornucopia ~ Horn of Plenty

with towels

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Wild Life Towel Holders

Bunny Towel Holder 3-D

Cat Towel Holder

Honey Bee Towel Holder

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Doughboy Towel Holder

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Wooden Soap Molds

Wooden Crates

Wooden Soap Dishes

Wooden Hang Tags and Signs

Uniquely Designed Wooden Tealight Candle Holders

Wooden Clocks

Unfinished Wood Plaques and Bases

Wooden Display Units

Wooden Display Units for Bath and Body, Soap, Candles and More

Wooden Bath and Body Displays pg 1

Wooden Bath and Body Displays pg 2

Wooden Display Stands for Soap, Candles and Bath & Body, Spices and More

Wooden Display Stands for Soap, Candles and Bath & Body, Spices and More pg 2

Lip Balm * Bath Salt Tubes * Amber Bottles * Lotion Bar Tubes * Lip Balm Pots * Soaps * Spices and More!

Soaping Oils * Clays * Powders * Botanicals

Palm Kernel Flakes
Rice Bran
Apricot Kernel


Snowberry Creek Handcrafted Cold Process Soaps

The *Soapy* Division of Candles and Woodcrafts

Handcrafted Cold Process Soaps ~ By the Bar

Soaps Page 2 ~ Wooden Soap Dish Sets

Soaps Page 3 ~ Crates, Baskets and Tubs Soap Sets

Soaps Page 4 ~ Customize Your Own Wooden Soap Dish and Crates Soap Sets

Wooden Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

Unique Wooden Christmas Ornaments and Decorations
Trees, Angels, Snowmen, Gingerbread Men, Reindeer, Sleighs
and more!

Unique Bird Houses and Feeders

Unique Wooden Bird Feeders and Bird Houses

Decorative Woodcrafts


Fall and Thanksgiving Crafts

Christmas Crafts

Julie's Original's

Everyday Crafts

Layered Animals

Doughboy Collection

Paper Towel Holders

Paper Plate Holders

Charms and Handmade Custom Jewerly

Charms, Birthstone Angels, WWJD Bracelet Sets

Handmade Jewerly Sets


Wedding Favors, Table Decorations, Tealight Candle Holders and More!

Smelly Jellies Air Freshners

Smelly Jelly Air Freshners

Candles and Candle Supplies

Wax Embeds

Wax Pie Crusts

Snowmen, Floaters, Tealights

Wines, Flutes, Martini's, Magaritia's, etc.


Candle Plaque Sets

Holidays and Unique Candles

Candle Plagues and Bases

Assorted Drinks, Cokes, Coffee, Beers etc.

Tarts and Melts

Silicone Molds

All kinds of Crusts

Fruits, Nuts and Berries

Smaller Cavity Molds and Bakery Items

4th of July - Eagles

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Candles and Woodcrafts - 1992- Present Time

Featured at Candles and Woodcrafts are finished Gel, Wax, and Soy Candles and Tarts for tart melters and potpourri crock pots. Candle supplies, such as wax fruit embeds and other wax embeds, wax pie crusts for pie candles and pie tarts - 3 and 5 inch lattice crusts, 3 and 5 inch regular edge crusts, cobbler loaf pan wax pie crusts.
Lots of new items such as wooden candle bases to sit your votive candles and your pillar candles on as well as you gel candles.
We now feature Wooden Soap Molds for all your soap making needs, cold process as well as melt and pour.
We feature Woodcrafts of all kinds. Decorative and useful. We have Lighted Holiday Woodcrafts that feature Santa and Pumpkins and Owls for Christmas and Halloween decorating. We have woodcrafts such as Napkin Holders, Paper Towel Holders, Candle Holders and Paper Plate Holders in everyday styles as well as Holiday Styles. Our featured Unique Woodcrafts are created by "Julie" and can be found no where else! Many Snowman styles to choose from as well. We have many Layered Animals which include Bulldogs in Mississippi State Style, Georgia Bulldogs Style, as well as brindle and just your good ole bulldog style. We make them to order, so if you have a certain kind or color that you like to have just let us know! Other Layered Animals include a Giraffe, a Squirrel, a Chipmunk, Kittens, Reindeer, a Turkey, a Frog and more! We have way to much to list here so just click the above links and browse our site to see all we have to offer, and don't forget to click on the "New" link above. This will take to all our newly added items which will be listed for a special introductory price for a short period of time.
Enjoy you visit!