Pie Crusts and Cinnamon Bun Molds

Silicone Molds are not available for purchase at this time.
Please check back for availability
100.00 Minimum Purchase required on Mold Orders
Minimum requirement is on Silicone Molds ONLY.
Cannot be combined with other items to meet the minimum.
These are top quality molds.
Each mold is tested before it is shipped to insure
a top quality finished piece. These molds are made when an order is placed so they
will be "new" when you recieve them and not something that
has set on a shelf for awhile.

Scalloped Edge Heart Mold
3 inch-30.00 -- 5 inch- 40.00

Scalloped Edge Apple Mold
3 inch-30.00 -- 5 inch - 40.00

Tart or Pie Twisted Crust Mold
3 inch- 30.00

Tart or Pie Crust Mold
3 inch - 30.00

Pie Crust Mold
5 inch - 40.00

Tart or Pie Crust Mold
3 inch - 30.00

Lattice Crust Mold
5 inch-- 40.00

Heart Loaf Crust Mold

Cinna Roll Mold
Reg. size - 20.00

9 Cavity Mini
Cinna Buns
dime size- 15.00

Lattice Loaf Crust Mold

1 Cavity
Medium Cinna Roll Mold
half dollar size - 10.00

Rope Crust
3 inch -30.00

Info on Molds

This is by far the Best Silicone on the Market. More expensive than some?? Yes. Worth the extra money?? YES!!
These molds are made out of very soft, easy to work with silicone. The finished piece will just pop right out!
Silicone can withstand high temperatures and with proper care last for hundreds of pours. These molds will last you a long time.
Again, this mold material is a little more expensive, but it is the best on the market.
I love these silicones and I know you will to!


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